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podcastfeedLogoNewWithin the Trenches is back with episode 50! The show has come a long way since the Kickstarter campaign. Whitney and I have spoken to dispatchers, leaders and educators within the dispatch community. The show has also been present for different conferences and the first one was last year at the Mini-C conference in Boca Raton Florida.

Tom with the Cool Kids of 9-1-1 invited the show to be there on one of the days to do interviews. The hospitality was excellent, the people were awesome and inspiring and I can’t thank Tom enough for the invite and exposure. This year the Mini-C will be on April 7th – 11th from 0800 – 1700 and one of the dispatchers attending this year is our special guest on today’s episode.

In this episode I spoke with Dana from Sumter County Sheriff’s Department. She shared her dispatch experience with me as well as her experience at last years Mini-C. This year she will be attending all week and will be posting on her social media outlets as the conference goes on so make sure to check her out at the links below. Dana also had a spotlight feature with Public Safety Communications and you can find the link below as well. This is a must listen episode so make sure to listen, share and check her out!

As always you can email the show at wttpodcast@gmail.com!

The Cool Kids of 9-1-1 – Web | Facebook

Dana – Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Article spotlight

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Episode topics –

  • Text to 9-1-1 platform texTTY
  • How Dana got into dispatching
  • Dana’s dispatch experience
  • The Mini-C conference
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