Within the Trenches

wttNewLogoHello and welcome back to another episode of the Within the Trenches podcast. It has been about a month since the last episode and to keep it short, I have been all kinds of busy. Most of my time has been spent on work projects but I have also done a few side projects including logo design and web design. It has been fun because I love what I do but now that the main holidays are over I can get back to the show.

With that said I have been looking back at some of my earlier blog posts and I realized that many of you are probably unaware of these posts because they are buried within my blog. The posts contain many calls I’ve taken and I have decided to turn them into episodes. Now you won’t have to search for them and read them, you can simply listen to me read over the entries and fill you in on what I was thinking at the time.

I hope you enjoy this episode and as always you can email the show at wttpodcast@gmail.com.

Episode topics –

  • An update of what I have been up to
  • Poo Guy story
  • Ride alongs
  • Robotic Domestic with Spam
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