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podcastfeedLogoNewWelcome to a brand new episode of Within the Trenches. It has been a very busy week but I'm back! In this episode I sat down with Missy and Greg of Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (TRAA.) I met them during a training session a few weeks ago and I was impressed with them as well as the rest of the dispatchers and agency as a whole. We shared stories about their career, what High Performance EMS stands for and what it takes to run the agency. As always you can email the show at wttpodcast@gmail.com and don't forget to check below for links to our podcast promotion featuring, highperfomanceems.com. 

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Episode topics -

  • Missy's beginning
  • Greg's beginning
  • What is High Performance EMS
  • An overview of TRAA
  • What it takes to dispatch
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