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wttNewLogoWelcome back to another episode of Within the Trenches. It has been a busy month! Since the last episode I have been training dispatchers on text FOR 911 platform textty. It has been a lot of fun though and I love what I do. On top of that I can officially say that the 911 Wellness Foundation and Within the Trenches are now strategic partners. What that means is that we are working together to reach a greater audience by utilizing each other’s outlets. I have also been talking with my co-host Whitney and we are going to plan on recording more episodes together via Skype. It has been a bit hard to do episodes together since I moved to Indiana but we are getting things planned out and I am very excited.

On today’s episode I had the chance to speak with Melinda and Patti of the 9-1-1 National Public Educator Forum (NPEF). This was a great episode to record and we had a lot to talk about. The topics ranged from how NPEF started, a PSA that was recorded at their most recent conference and a GoFundMe project involving a Cell Phone Sally app for smartphones.

This is a must listen episode so check it out and share! As always you can email the show at wttpodcast@gmail.com. See below for more information on NPEF and the links mentioned on the show.

Episode topics –

  • How NPEF started
  • How Patti/Melinda got involved w/NPEF
  • Conference history
  • Cell Phone Sally
  • And more 



NPEF Links -

9-1-1 National Public Educator Forum - Web | Facebook

Tell Them your Location PSA:
Cell Phone Sally Blog: http://cellphonesally.blogspot.com
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