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Good afternoon everyone! The past couple days have been a whirlwind. I mean this in the greatest way possible too! Within the Trenches was the basis of my Kickstarter project and yesterday, with 38 hours to spare on the campaign, the project was fully funded. That’s right folks, the project was funded and has surpassed its goal. It happened almost overnight and I can’t tell you how happy I am. Support came out of the woodwork and once it was said and done I jumped for joy, literally. I threw my arms up and yelled, “Woo hoo!” My 16 month old daughter Lola threw her arms up and squealed in excitement.

The outpour of support showed me that this is going to be an important show. It’s something that people want to hear and I am going to do everything in my power to make that possible. Your support for this project gives me a giant leap toward the overall goal. For those who are unaware, the project of Within the Trenches is based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. This will be done in the format of a podcast and it will highlight those that do the job and tell their story. It’s time to recognize the first “first responders” and that’s what I intend to do. Thank you so much to everyone who pledged and believed in this project. For those who pledged for rewards, those will be taken care of in the weeks to come. Please look out for an email from me soon. So, without further ado, I present to you the second episode of Within the Trenches. May you learn a lot from us; the Unsung Hero’s of emergency services.

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Good evening folks! I am very happy to announce that the first episode of Within the Trenches went live today. My good friend Whitney joined me and I have to say that it went great. For those who don’t know what Within the Trenches is, this is a podcast version of a segment with the same name on Jabber Log that revolves around 9-1-1 dispatch. I started writing about my experience about a year ago and it was meant to be interesting and educational for the readers, as well as therapeutic for myself. The posts have done great on my blog and I wanted to take it a step further by creating a podcast based on the stories of 9-1-1 dispatchers.

I recently launched a Kickstarter project for this podcast idea in order to raise $1,500 to buy the equipment needed to make this a four person show. As of right now I have 8 days left in the campaign and $330. This first episode is a taste of what this show is all about and it is my hope that I can still make my goal. I will provide the link below to the Kickstarter page where you can pledge and depending on how much you pledge, you can get a reward as well. Right now the majority of the pledges are going for $25 and that can get you an official Within the Trenches t-shirt, a thank you on the sponsor page and a mention in one of the upcoming episodes of the show. I hope you will enjoy this first episode and there is a lot more to come. Thanks again to Whitney and everyone who has pledged to help bring the project closer to it’s goal.

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