Within the Trenches

Within the Trenches is back with episode 30! This episode was recorded at the National NENA Conference and Expo at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie, who is retired out of Miami Dade Fire Rescue after 36 years and Sherry, who is with the North Central Texas Counsel of Governments 9-1-1 Program. In this episode we talk about TERT (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce) and who 9-1-1 calls when they need help. This episode is especially informative and interesting because I did not know a lot about TERT or what they did.

We also chat about major disasters, the benefits of TERT and how to get involved and help your fellow 9-1-1 professionals. For more information on TERT please follow the links below. As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com.

TERT – Web | Facebook

Episode topics –

  • The meaning of TERT (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce)
  • What does TERT do?
  • Recent major disasters where TERT was utilized
  • How to get involved
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