Within the Trenches

Hello everyone! Whitney and I are back with episode 8 for our back to back episodes week of Within the Trenches. In this episode we chat with Dan, Director of Chilton County E9-1-1 in Alabama. Our topic of discussion takes us back to April 27 2011 when a swarm of tornadoes destroyed the surrounding area. Dan has a very extensive background in emergency services so it was very interesting to get his feedback and explanation on certain topics. We even touched on how an area in Montana and the upper peninsula of Michigan suffered a problem when their respective EAS systems were hacked to express and warn of the dangers of a zombie uprising. Can you imagine going through that? This episode was definitely informative and in good fun. For more information on Chilton County E9-1-1 follow the links below and stay tuned for next weeks episode when we chat with Bobbi, a dispatcher with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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