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Good evening folks! Whitney and I are back again with 1 of 2 new episodes of Within the Trenches. This week we Skype’d with Joshua of West Bloomfield Township PD in Michigan. The topic of this episode is one of great importance. No dispatcher or anyone out in the field ever wants to hear, “Shots fired. Officer down,” but it’s something that some of us have heard throughout our years of duty. If you’ve ever dealt with this then you know that a debriefing or speaking to your peers will help move on for the most part. Joshua shares a story with us that will pull at the strings of your emotions. Thank you very much for sharing this with us and helping others get through tough times.

Also within this episode a great organization is mentioned. The organization is MI-C.O.P.S., which stands for Michigan Concerns of Police Survivors. According to their official website,

“Reaching out to survivors and co-workers, Michigan Concerns of Police Survivors (MI-C.O.P.S.), an all volunteer organization, is a chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose sole purpose is to provide support to surviving law enforcement families and co-workers in rebuilding their lives after the traumatic and life-changing experience of losing an officer in the line of duty.”

For more information on this organization please follow the link below. This episode will show you that so much more happens after the call. We build a bond with our brothers and sisters out in the field and we thank you for all you do. For our brothers and sisters answering the call, a salute to you and everyone who has ever dealt with a fallen officer while on duty. On behalf of Whitney and I, we thank Joshua once again for this episode. Godspeed Officer Patrick O’Rourke, your brothers and sisters will take it from here.

MI-C.O.P.S. | Web

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