Within the Trenches

newWTTStandAloneLogoGood afternoon and welcome back for episode 88 of Within the Trenches. In this episode I got the chance to speak with Theresa, a dispatcher and trainer with Greenville City PD in Greenville South Carolina. We go back and reflect on her dispatch career from the beginning up to present time as a trainer. We also dig deep into her training style and how her CTO program through Agency360 has streamlined the training process.

If you have ever wanted to be a better trainer this is the episode for you! This is a must listen so check it out and share! As always if you have any questions or want to be a guest on the show, send an email to wttpodcast@gmail.com

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Episode topics –

  • Theresa’s 911 story
  • Early 911 calls
  • Lessons learned in training
  • CTO program through Agency360
  • And more
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