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podcastfeedLogoNewGood morning and happy Friday! This has been an amazing week for me. I had the chance to attend the 2013 NENA conference in Lansing, Michigan for 9-1-1 professionals. I attended some excellent classes and met some great people doing great things. In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Dee Ann, assistant director of Tuscola county 9-1-1, an ENP and one of the founding board members of the 911 Wellness Foundation. Also sitting with us for this episode was Jim Marshall with the 911 Wellness Foundation and also the director of the 911 Training Institute.

This is an episode that you do not want to miss. The information in this episode is important for everyone and Jim even gets me with a Jedi Mind Trick by getting me to admit a few things. It definitely felt good to admit those items so thank you Jim and Dee Ann for helping me and those in our field. For more information on the 911 Wellness Foundation or the 911 Training Institute please follow the links below. Also if you would like to get a hold of them through the show or our Facebook fan page you can shoot us an email and we can make contact with them. As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com.

911 Wellness Foundation | Web

911 Training Institute | Web

Episode topics –

  • The humor of the work spouse
  • Dealing with stress and how it affects your family
  • Stress and your health
  • EMDR
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