Within the Trenches

Al & RicardoGood evening! Last week was rather busy with my root canal, 22 hour drive to Florida and graduation. I'm very happy to say that my family and I made it through everything with no problems, but last weeks episode had to be postponed. I'm still on vacation in Florida and just yesterday I had the privilege of attending the 4th Annual Mini-C conference in Boca Raton. I was initially invited by Tom of The Cool Kids of 9-1-1. He and I had been talking about promoting each others work and he mentioned this conference. It was promoted on Jabber Log and afterward he said it was too bad that Whitney and I couldn't be there during the conference. Well, it just so happened that I was going to be in Florida so I attended and recorded four great episodes.


This episode features Al, a 12 year volunteer with Boca Raton 9-1-1. He recently turned 95 years old and had much to say about 9-1-1. It was a great conversation!

Episode topics -

  • How Al became a volunteer
  • The need for more 9-1-1 public education
  • The need for more 9-1-1 training for dispatchers

And much more!

As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com and make sure to listen, share and visit The Cool Kids of 9-1-1 for more on the Mini-C!

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