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Ep 137 features Ethan, a dispatcher out of NC & Within the Trenches Continuing Education Scholarship Recipient & Daphanie, dispatcher and past guest out of FL and she is also one of the Within the Trenches Podcast Facebook Page Admins. In this episode we follow Ethan's journey into medical dispatching as well as stories from his career. As a first timer to the IAED's NAVIGATOR conference he touches on his experience and Daphanie lends some insight on the conference, networking and a few of her personal 9-1-1 stories.

This is a must listen so please check it out and share it. To learn more about the IAED follow the links below. As always if you have any comments, questions or you would like to be a guest on the show, please send an email to wttpodcast@gmail.com.


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Episode topics -

  • Ethan's 9-1-1 story
  • 9-1-1 calls
  • NAVIGATOR conference experience
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