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wttNewLogoEp 130 features April, Industry Affairs Specialist with INdigital and former 911 Director with Eaton County 911 out of Michigan along with Larry, Director of Sales and Marketing with INdigital and former Reserve Officer with Hudsonville PD out of Michigan. In this episode we share dispatch stories and listen to 9-1-1 calls. 

This is a must listen! As always if you have any questions, comments or if you want to be a guest on the show send an email to wttpodcast@gmail.com.

Episode topics -

  • April's 9-1-1 story
  • Suicide call April took
  • Larry's public safety start


911 Tapes -

  • Tape 1 - CPR - In July 2009 a Charleston County (SC) woman suffered a cardiac arrest at home, and her husband dialed 911 for help. Dispatcher Melissa gave him CPR instructions, and he performed for six minutes until EMS units arrived. His wife Christine survived.
  • Tape 2 - In July 2009 a Boca Raton couple were attacked by a “crazy” fox, and they used a PVC pipe to club the animal to death. Michael and Dani dialed 911 for help. Oddly, 10 minutes later a raccoon attacked a person several blocks away.
  • Tape 3 - In Nov. 2009 a 4 year-old girl in Charles County (Md.) dialed 911 for help when her mother became ill. Child gave dispatcher information that allowed EMS units to quickly arrive and treat her mother’s diabetic emergency.
  • Tape 4 - In July 2007 two elephants from a visiting circus wandered past their electric-fence enclosure and into the neighborhoods of Newmarket (Ont., Canada) to graze on grass and trees. A group of people walking home spotted the elephants and dialed 911 to report their sighting to a surprised dispatcher. The elephants were rounded up without incidents.
  • Tape 5 - In May 2010 a Northport (Fla.) woman dialed 911 to complain about her pizza order. Caller acknowledged the call wasn’t an emergency, but still complained.
  • Tape 6 - In Nov. 2010 a Puyallup (Wash.) woman dialed 911 from a closet after hearing someone break into her home mid-morning. Puyallup PD dispatcher Dorene answered the call and expertly asked questions and reassured the caller.
*** Tape credit goes to my good friend Gary of 911dispatch.com for allowing me to use his library for the podcast. RIP sir and I will be forever grateful to you. ***
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