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podcastfeedLogoNewGood evening everyone! Whitney and I are back with episode 12 of Within the Trenches. We postponed our interview for this week because of some issues I was having with an infected tooth and some minor oral surgery but we pulled through. This weeks episode is a bit longer than the last few but it's definitely worth it. I can tell you that it's amazing and you are really going to dig it! In this episode we share four different 9-1-1 tapes involving the wonders of bees, handcuffs, shrimp fried rice and child discipline.

Whitney and I add to the tapes with our expertise and humor so this is a must listen. We also answer a couple listener questions about why we continue to ask questions after we've been given the initial information and what we do if we take a call with a language barrier. We also touch on The Call, a new movie starring Halle Berry where she plays a 9-1-1 operator. A new flash contest is mentioned and we share an excellent deal from Success Communications, Inc. Their conference called 9114911 is coming up in October and it's something you need to check out. When you register make sure to mention Within the Trenches and the offer within this episode and you will get a sweet deal. As always you can email us at thejcast@thejabberlog.com!

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Team Coco | Halle Berry on CONAN (The Call)

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